No one can change his religion forcibly: Jama Khan

Jama Khan
Jama Khan Bihar Minority Affairs Minister

Patna, July 10 : The Minority Affairs Minister in Bihar government, Jama Khan, said on Friday that he will not change his religion even if someone holds him on gunpoint.

Jama Khan’s statement came at a time when debates over religions conversions have become a hot topic in the country.

The minister also revealed that his ancestors were Rajputs by caste.

“My ancestors — Jayram Singh and Bhagwan Singh — were warriors and had set up their homes in the Kaimur region. Bhagwan Singh later converted his religion and became a follower of Islam. I am his successor,” Jama Khan said.

“The successors of Jayram Singh and Bhagwan Singh are still residing in Kaimur district,” he said.

He further said that he will not change his religion even if someone puts a gun on his head.

“If anyone is converting his religion out of his own will, no one can stop him. But if someone tries to convert a person forcefully, it cannot be tolerated. The state government cannot allow it. If we get any information about forcible conversion, we will take swift action in the matter,” he said.

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