No Durga idol immersion on Muharram to avoid clashes says Mamta Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee, File Photo

New Delhi,24 August: Taking into consideration the measures to avoid clashes between two communities ahead of Durga Pooja and Muharram the West bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee on Wednesday asked people  to cooperate with each other and not to fall prey to provocation leading to communal tentions.

She told just like previous year this year also there would not be any Durga idol immersion on Muharram just to avoid any kind of clashes. She also informed that an additional day would be provided to the people for the immersion.

Chiefminister conducted a meeting with police, administrartive officers and ministers in an indoor stadium where she without mentioning the word BJP said “Some quarters may try to instigate people to flare up communal tension and there are people who may try to take political advantage of this,”

She asked, “Why should we take the blame because of some people who are trying to take political advantage?”

“Immersion will resume on October 2 and will continue till October 4,” she said.

The chief minister also asked the people not to pay heed to posts on social networking sites leading to communal disturbances.
“It is the latest trend. People are posting fake photos of incidents on social networking sites. People must be very cautious about this and remember that cyber crime is also a crime,” she said.

Stressing that the administration would not let anybody disturb the secular atmosphere of the state, Banerjee said that police would take action in such cases.

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