No democracy can work by suppressing voices: Punjab CM

Amarinder Singh

Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Thursday said no democracy could work by suppressing people’s voice.

“I condemn the crackdown on peaceful CAA Protests in Delhi & other cities,” he said a series of tweets.

“Preventive & penal measures should be used in proportion to threat to law & order. Are we living in a totalitarian State? #CitizenshipAmmendmentAct,” he asked.

Appealing to the protesters not to resort to violence or destruction of property, he said: “While protests are a part of a democratic process, non-violence is the basic ethos of India.”

“So let’s fight against this unconstitutional #CitizenshipAmmendmentAct peacefully.”

Terming the Citizenship Amendment Act as a direct assault on India’s secular character, Amarinder Singh last week said his government would not allow the law to be implemented in the state.

Asserting his commitment to the protection of the Constitutional ethos of the country, Amarinder Singh had said the Congress, which has a majority in the state assembly, would block the “unconstitutional” Bill in the House.

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