Nizamuddin shelter home where 50-60 children lived demolished

Nizamuddin shelter home
Shelter home where 50-60 children used to live bulldozed on Thursday

Delhi, 19 May: The Delhi government provided ‘ SPYM-Wishes and Blessing Home’, a shelter to the Delhi citizens who were languishing their hard time on streets.

But on Thursday a home where over 50-60 children used to live was crushed by the bulldozer in Nizamuddin.

The residents of the shelter home also expressed that they had asked for time so that they could at least get their belongings out, but they straight away bulldozed it.

The question arises here when the government itself provided them shelter then why they demolished it without giving the residents time to take out their stuff.

Does being poor means they are not allowed to ask before vanishing their home in one go? If not then why they were not pre-informed about this.

Wefornews Bureau

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