Nitin Gadkari: ‘Acche din’ was Manmohan Singh’s quote; now ‘gale ki haddi’ for BJP


Mumbai, September 14: Crediting BJP’s sledgehammer slogan “Achhe din” to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday said that the phrase has become a “millstone” around the NDA government’s neck, particularly in a country like India that is ‘an ocean of dissatisfied souls.’

‘Acche Din’ was a catch phrase used extensively by BJP in its election campaign of 2014 throughout the nation. It was a promise PM Modi had made to the nation before the elections. Defying the root of the electoral campaign is like defying BJP’s basic ideology on which voter chose the party over the opposition parties.


He said: It is a bone stuck in our throat. Our country is such an ocean of dissatisfied souls that Acche Din never come…Those who have cycles want scooters, and those who have scooters want cars. It is not wrong, but the wealthy are dissatisfied too.

What comes as a surprise to most is the fact revealed by Gadkari, that ex prime minister Manmohan Singh had used the “achhe din” phrase for the first time and PM Modi had “picked it” from Dr Singh’s speech.

As Gadkari said, Dr Singh promised Acche Din in the future in response to questions from NRIs in New Delhi. “Then Modi-ji said it somewhere and it got stuck to us. Still, I believe that Acche Din means people have good expectations,” he added.

BJP has frequently been trolled on social media about “achhe din” whenever a lapse in working of the government body or government officials, comes in light. Recently, comedian Kapil Sharma too tweeted and questioned PMO about “achhe din” as he highlighted how an official from BMC asked for bribe.

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