Niti Aayog examines ride sharing of private cars on roads


New Delhi, July 6: Increasing traffic congestion is a major problem in the cities. To curb it, government will take action on ride-sharing mechanism in the country.

Government tries to reduce pollution which is dangerous for public health. For that, Niti Aayog took the opinion of experts about rules and regulations, safety, revenue sharing and tax related issues using private vehicles for sharing.

Ola and Uber, commercial cab service provider companies will be affected if implemented.

“It has a range of benefits. It creates economic opportunities for drivers, opens up new mobility options for riders and by allowing existing cars on the road to be used by more people, can be part of the solution to traffic congestion,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson declined the comment and said: “We are engaging with a range of stakeholders in India about the best way to realise this vision.”

Ola and Uber also started the sharing-a-cab mechanism to benefit both the consumer and the company. But, on the other side thousands of vehicles have been added on the roads daily to the increase the traffic.

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