Nirmohi Akhara to meet PM, demand top trust post, role in puja

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Mathura: PM Modi visits Pashu Vigyan Evam Arogya Mela in Mathura on Sep 11, 2019. (Photo: PIB)

Ayodhya, Nov 18 Nirmohi Akhara, which was one of the main litigants on the Hindu side in the Ayodhya title suit , will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi to demand key position in the Ram Temple Trust and prominent role in the worshipping of Lord Ram’s deity to Ramanandi Vaishno sect.

This follows a meeting of the chief sadhus of the Akhara in Ayodhya.

The Nirmohi Akhara wants important post in the management of the Trust — either of President or Secretary.

The Akhara belongs to the Ramanandi Vaishno sect and have been pressing for the right to worship at the Ramjanmasthan for ages now.

According to the Akhara the right of worshipping the diety lies with the Ramanandi Vaiahno Sect.

Speaking to IANS, Nirmohi Akhara’s counsel and spokesman Ranjeet Lal Varma said: “There was historical presence of Nirmohi Akhara in the Ram Janmabhoomi temple and the right of offering worship to the diety of Ram Lalla always ramained with Nirmohi Akhara.”

Varma said the Nirmohi Akhara will meet the Prime Minister and later its executive body will meet again in Ayodhya to discuss whether they have been given appropriate place as mentioned in the verdict

On review petition, Varma said: “We have not decided on it. The Akhara has decided to first meet the PM as on page number 925 in the verdict it has been mentioned that we must get an appropriate place and we will put our demand before him for important post in the management of the Trust — may be President or Secretary and see what type of role is being given to us in the Trust.

“We have enjoyed our sovereignty right at RamJanmabhoomi, though the court has denied it, but throughout argument the court has accepted our right is unchallenged,” Varma said.

“Court has accepted our historical presence at the disputed site and we have played a very important role in RamJanmabhoomi issue as Janmasthan has been worshipped by Ramanandiya Vaishno sect. So we must get role in the trust according to our right — a prominent role in worshipping Lord Ram,” he added.

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