Nirbhaya Scheme: Gadkari to dedicate buses with safety measures for women to public


Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday will dedicate buses with safety measures for women under the Nirbhaya Scheme to public in the Delhi.

The proposal was approved by the Union Cabinet in January 2014 that include setting up of a unified system at the National Level (National Vehicle Security and Tracking System) and State level (City Command and Control Centre) for GPS tracking of the location of, emergency buttons in and video recording of incidents in public transport vehicles.

Total estimated cost of the project is Rs. 1404.68 crore which will be funded by Ministry of Finance from the ‘Nirbhaya Fund’.

Once the scheme is made operational in major million plus cities, ensuring safe, reliable and comfortable public passenger bus service across the country will be made possible.

The major impact of the scheme will include maping of routes of the public vehicles; tracking of vehicles on the route; highlighting of violations through visual and text signals; panic button alert to transport and police through visual, text and voice; permit, registration and license cancellation based criteria for enforcement and providing safety and security to women and girl child in distress in minimum response time. Video recording in Public Transport vehicles with large seating capacity will be used as evidence. This will act a preventive measure for probable offenders.

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