‘Ninja’ quits Twitch to join Microsoft’s platform

San Francisco, Aug 2 Renowned gaming celebrity Richard Tyler Blevins who goes by the name of ‘Ninja’ on digital platforms has decided to quit Amazon’s live streaming subsidiary Twitch to join Microsoft-owned live video game streaming.

As of July 2019, Fortnite expert Ninja was the most followed streamer on Twitch with over 14 million followers and an average of over 50,000 viewers per week.

“I have been holding on to this for quite some time and I’m just super excited to let everyone know. I’ll be streaming on Mixer full-time now,” the gamer said in a video posted on Twitter as he announced “the next chapter” of his life.

The news comes just days after Ninja was seemingly everywhere at the inaugural Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City; he competed in two different tournaments and even served as a color commentator for much of the event.

For a long-time Ninja was Twitch’s biggest star, and he has remained among the platform’s most popular personalities

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