Nice court suspends Burkini ban, citing insufficient grounds

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France, 2 Sept: Finally a Nice court cleared all the chaos over much debated religious clothing as it ruled out to suspend the burkini ban on Thursday.

As per AFP reports, Judges in Nice cited that the July 14 terror attack on the French Riviera city do not give sufficient grounds to justify such a ban.

The move was taken on Thursday after France’s highest administrative court ruling to suspend the bans introduced by around 30 towns, mainly in the sun-drenched southeast.

However, the authorities in the French Riviera resort had defied a ruling and still continued to impose their bans amidst raging debate over religious clothing in secular France.

Nice was the first town to ban the Islamic swimsuit this summer, with city authorities claiming there was a risk to public order from wearing the garment after a jihadist in a truck mowed down the crowd on the city’s waterfront, killing 86 people.

But the city’s administrative court ruled on Thursday: “In the absence of such risks, the emotions and the concerns resulting from terrorist attacks, and especially from the attack on July 14, are insufficient grounds to legally justify the contested burkini ban.”

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