Nicaraguan President expels UN team

September 1 : Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has ordered a team from the UN Commission for Human Rights to leave for preparing a critical report of the recent political unrest in which more than 300 people were killed.

UN Commission for Human Rights has prepared a damaging report criticising the government’s actions during the anti-government protests and called on the government to stop the persecution of protestors.UN report has accused the Nicaraguan government of the torture and use of excessive force against protesters.

The expulsion comes days after the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights released the report that called on the government to disarm masked gangs who it alleges are responsible for killings and arbitrary detentions.

The chief of the UN mission, Guillermo Fernandez, said his team would continue to monitor the situation from abroad.

The government argued that report was biased and ignored attacks by protesters on members of the governing Sandinista party.

The government also accused the U.N. team of overstepping its authority in violation of Nicaragua’s sovereignty and said the U.N. had not been invited to evaluate the human rights situation.

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