NIA begins probe after PETN explosive in UP assembly


Lucknow, July 15, 2017: The National Investigative Agency (NIA) reached the Uttar Pradesh capital and began its probe into the discovery of high-grade PETN explosive inside the Uttar Pradesh assembly.

Officials informed media that the NIA team arrived here late on Friday and was immediately briefed about the case.

The NIA officials, other than visiting the spot where the Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate explosive was discovered on Thursday evening, were also likely to grill the security staff and agencies of the state police responsible for the security of the Vidhan Sabha.

The state security personnel would be quizzed on as to why no action was taken to spruce up security despite a tip-off from the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in May about a possible terror plot to attack the state assembly when in session.

The NIA team would also question the House marshals and other security staff along with janitors and others who have access to the exclusive area, near the seat of Leader of Opposition.

Investigators are now poring during through CCTV footage to zero in on the person who could have planted the explosive. Thankfully, whoever did smuggle in the explosive could not also sneak in the detonator. However, explosive experts say that a cell phone was enough to “spark the powder” with dreadful consequences.

A senior security official informed media that many times the lawmakers refuse to cooperate with the security and throw a tantrum on being frisked.

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