NGO denounces chemical attack by Syrian Army in Aleppo

A British monitoring group denounced a chemical attack perpetrated by the Syrian Army on Tuesday.

According to EFE news, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said forces loyal to President Bashar Al Assad released gas in Aleppo that produced asphyxiation symptoms in at least 60 people, including children.

“According to what I’ve been told by colleagues and activists there, the bombing was carried out with chlorine gas,” doctor Rami Klazi said, adding that the people affected by the gas were hospitalised.

Syrian activists posted pictures on Twitter of people allegedly hurt in the attack.

The images show patients being treated in a health centre with oxygen masks.

According to a report by UN experts presented to the Security Council, Assad’s government and the Islamic State militant group have been using chemical weapons in Syria since 2013.

That year, the Syrian government agreed to destroy its chemical arsenal following a Security Council resolution which threatened to impose sanctions on the country.

Russia, an ally to Assad, rejected the sanctions imposed by the UN for the use of chemical weapons and considered that the report did not make it clear if the regime was responsible for the attacks or not.

Aleppo has been the scene of intense fighting between the Syrian Army and rebel forces since 2012.

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