Next couple of rounds will be acid test for Indian chess Olympiad team

Chess olympiad 2016

New Delhi,Sep 10,2016 :The Indian men’s team’s real battle for a medal at the chess Olympiad has begun with the seventh round against the US,game experts said.

A hope still remains although the Indian men failed in their first acid test against much stronger US team consisting of three World ranked players in the seventh round on Friday.
India got beaten by US by 3.5-0.5 points.

According to experts, Indian players have to carry on with their nerves in the coming rounds as they will be fighting queens, bishops, rooks, horses and even pawns and should strategise to mate their opponent’s king.
Grandmaster (GM) Abhijit Kunte said “The stage for the battle ahead has been set now. The Indian men’s team may have to face all or any one-two of the top teams like China, Russia and Ukraine in the coming rounds. What the Indian team does against them will be crucial”.

“Performance of the team in the last two-three rounds is very important to secure a podium finish. Notching up a lead may be important, but it is not of much significance at this juncture,” International Master (IM) V. Saravanan told IANS.

“Our players held their nerves against the Netherlands and when an opportunity was presented they won or drew their games. They should do the same in the coming rounds,” Saravanan added.
Saravanan also mentioned that it is hard to compete the top chess-playing nations have several single and double super stars.

As for now India is on one of the top scorers till now in the Olympiad.
“On reaching the ELO points of 2,700, playing against similar or higher rated players is very tough. The preparations needed to play at that level are tougher than many other sports,” Saravanan added.


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