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New home, beautiful decor, get excited with tips

New Delhi, June 14: Own house is a dream of every person, but if you don’t know how to decorate it, no knowledge about the new trends then you feel little low. 

Don’t worry, be excited about how to make it special and just follow the following tips and get ready for the appreciation:

1.Designate different zones

First of all, creation of zones will make the space more wide and big. Then you can prepare for sitting arrangement correctly. Proper space can give you a confidence of big home with big heart.

2.Give furniture purpose

The easiest way to entertain the guests is through furniture. You can create a more intimate setting with a group of club chairs, or have a game table or dining table set up with multiple chairs. You can also have a designated space with sofas and chairs facing each other so guests can easily converse.

3.Make your own wall photo mural

Wall papers are trendy in days. Create your own wall by the family picture or with your favourite star or either with 3D look. A printable wall makes your room feel much larger without the cost of paint or wallpaper.

4.Put some potted plants in your room

Plants give the feel of nature nearby. Decorate your room with the pots of different plants with some messages on them like Thank You, I love You that can also make the relation strong between the family.

5.Hang customized lights

To twinkle the rooms in house, you can hang the lights which are made from cardboard letters and electrical tapes. Leave the boring hanging tubelights and bulbs.

6.Illuminate your photos by shiny lights

Make your home attractive by illuminating the photos with the lights. Different colour lights make the photos more highlighted and embossed.

7.Build a movable accessory display

This is something very new. You can build your own accessory display which is movable, so you can easily put it anywhere in the house either at your bed room or drawing room and make it a point of attraction of your home.


By Shikha Mehta

Wefornews Bureau

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