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New Delhi, May 31: While new mothers need to embrace the fact that the first few days will be chaotic, there are ways in which baby care can be provided without too much stress, say experts.

Prerna Kohli, Clinical Psychologist, who is an expert on the Huggies panel, and Ravi Khanna, Founder of New Born Critical Centre, list down some tips:

* Make the baby feel safe and secure:

Baby’s health is a pivotal part of a new mother’s life. She must assure her baby’s complete safety first, as the baby is not being able to verbally communicate.

All you need to do is hug your little ones, makes them safe and secure.

* Develop day and night difference:

Newborns sleep irregularly; don’t know the difference between night and day. Moms interact and play a lot with your baby during daytime and keep baby’s room suitably bright and at night keep the lights low, and reduce any possible sounds that may wake your baby up.

* Ensure Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC):

KMC is essential in initial days, involves babies to be in skin-to-skin contact with mother’s chest for a minimum of two hours. It makes them sleep well, improve weight gain and neurocognitive outcomes.

* Diapering the right way:

A newborn’s skin is soft and delicate, use disposable diapers that help keep moisture at bay.

To protect your baby’s skin further, practise washing your hands before and after every nappy change.In case of redness, apply zinc-oxide diaper cream and petroleum jelly before every diaper change.

* Bathing skills:

The ideal way to bathe a baby is to give a gentle sponge bath with soft and clean sponge or washcloth, a baby soap, towels, a disposable diaper and, of course, clean clothes and then apply a baby moisturiser before dressing the baby.
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