Netanyahu wants Another Billion Dollars a Year in Military Aid for Israel From Obama


As Barack Obama is set to demit office in January 2017,Netanyahu  is seeking to close U.S. aid deal  with Washington :  Billion dollars a year in military aid.

United States and Israel have been engaged in intense negotiations on a renewal of an agreement providing multi-year military assistance to Israel for the next decade.

An MoU  promising Military aid to Israel  was signed by President George W Bush and provides a total of $30 billion, at an average of $3 billion per year. But now, Israel is seeking  a sharp increase in military aid  but United States is not ready to finance.

According to U.S. Congressional Israel was asking for $4 to $5 billion per year, which over the duration of the agreement, from 2019 to 2028, amounts to up to $50 billion..


As per the deal with an increase of  $3.75 to $4 billion per year, amounting annually to $750 million to $1 billion more than the current agreement.

Israel  and united States ties strained after Iran clinched  a uclear deal with P5+1 nations

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