Netaji’s death still a mystery after 72 years of plane crash

Netaji Subhash chandra bose
Netaji Subhash chandra bose

It was the time when the demand for freedom was on the peak as Indians were in no mood to tolerate the britishers any more,the period of 1940’s was also the period of war against fascism by colonial powers. Some in India were seeing this war as a chance for India to free it self from the brutal rule of Britishers.

Netaji Subhash chnadra bose who was a hero of the people at that time made hay while the sun shines,Netaji, who was under survillence by britishers somehow managed to escape from india. He took the route of Lahore  from where he went to Afghanistan and then Afghanistan to Russia to reach Germany where he met Hitler after a wait of almost one year. In April 1941, India and the world were stunned when Germany’s Goebbel’s radio service announced: India’s most popular leader had arrived in Berlin to ask for Hitler’s help to deliver India from British rule.

However the german dictator and fascist leader didn’t gave much support to Netaji which made him to contact Japanese.By then, Imperial Japan had conquered Burma (now Myanmar). Japanese had tens of thousands of Indian jawans in its POW camps who later became Indian freedom fighters. Subhash chandra bose travelled in submarine to be in japnese contact.

Aboard the I-29, the Japanese captain Teraoka gave his own cabin to the Indian guests; it all felt, as Safrani wrote in his memoir, like “something akin to a homecoming”. Before they sailed, the Japanese crew shopped for Indian spices in Penang, Malaysia. They served Bose and Hasan a hot curry, to celebrate their crossing, and the birthday of the emperor in whose realm they had just arrived.

After reaching Tokyo he took command of the Indian National Army,When he was very close to reach India with his army, unfortunately Japan surrendered to allies and shattered Bose’s dream of free India. He later disbanded the INA with the words,“The roads to Delhi are many. And Delhi still remains our goal.”

It has been seventy-two years since Netaji disappeared. However it is alleged that he died in an air crash in Taipei (then Formosa) on August 18, 1945. But the cause of the death is still a mystery as the inqury set up in 2006 to examine his death stated there was no plane crash and therefore Netaji could not have died in the alleged plane crash.
However initial two inquiries set up by the government declared him dead.

A theory also stated that after the plane crash Bose went to Russia and lived there . However the theory also claims that he lived in siberian prison as he was a supported by Japan who was against Russia and allied powers in World War 2. A Times of India some times ago reported that Rathin Maharaj said, clinching documents that could have proved without doubt that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had been present in Russia post-1945 had “mysteriously vanished” from the Russian archives before the Mukherjee Commission went there for its probe.

Except all these theories a theory nobody knows who framed stated that Netaji came to India after escaping that plane crash and became a saint. The theory says that Bose lived as saint Bhagwan ji.

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