Nepotism, casteism- key criteria during appointment of judges to High Courts and Supreme Court: Judge Rang Nath Pandey writes to PM

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New Delhi, July 3 : Allahabad High Court judge Rang Nath Pandey has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi, alleging “nepotism and casteism” in the appointment of judges to High Courts and Supreme Court.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, judge refers to his personal experience of 34 years in the judiciary, Justice Pandey alleged that the only criteria for the appointment of judges in the Collegium system are casteism and nepotism.

Justice Pandey says that he was writing the letter with a heavy heart but being a judge he felt that it was his duty to highlight the anomalies in the High Courts and the Supreme Court.

In his letter dated July 1, Justice Pandey said that the Indian Constitution declares India to be a democratic country but unfortunately the judiciary (High Courts and the Supreme Court) suffers from casteism and nepotism. He alleged that merely being a member of the family of a judge ensures one’s appointment as the next judge.

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