Neetu’s Maithili film to be screened at film fest

Mithila Makhan

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Mumbai, Sep 24 : Actress Neetu N. Chandras film “Mithila Makhaan”, in Maithili language, will be screened at the forthcoming 7th Jagran Film Festival here.

Produced by Neetu’s production house, Champaran Talkies, and directed by Nitin Chandra (Neetu’s brother), “Mithila Makhaan” will be screened in the Indian Showcase section on September 29.

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The movie also won a National Film Award this year in the Maithili language category.

Neetu said in a statement: “For me, ‘Mithila Makhaan’ is a passionate project and the fact that it has been selected for this momentous occasion makes me believe that we did something right to promote Maithili language and the culture of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. I am eagerly looking forward to sharing what promises to be a terrific experience with my cast and producers.”

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“Mithila Makhaan” was extensively shot in the US, Canada, India and Nepal.

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