“Neerja” taught me kindness: Sonam Kapoor


Mumbai,Nov 21 : Sonam Kapoor, who played Neerja Bhanot in the 2016 film “Neerja”, says kindness is “very rare” nowadays and that is something she learnt from the late air hostesses example.

Bhanot was an air hostess who lost her life while saving passengers from terrorists on board hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 in September 1986.

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Sonam, who accepted an award on behalf of Bhanot at the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award 2016 here on Sunday, said: “‘Neerja’ has been a turning point in my life not because of the movie, but the kind of person she still is in my life. Kindness is something very rare these days, and that is something she has taught me.”

“There is a huge place for compassion, kindness and understanding in everybody’s life. Especially in this age where there is so much to strive for and hatred… For a 22-year-old girl to show that much patience, kindness and love, is something we should all follow,” the actress added.



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