Need to protect Constitutional values : Trivandrum Archbishop

Trivandrum, June 9 : After Delhi and Goa, Trivandrum archbishop Soosa Pakiam has called for the need to start imparting constitutional literacy as a part of education to ensure that the great traditions of the country were protected.

Concerned over the rising incidents of violence in the state, Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC) president and Trivandrum archbishop Soosa Pakiam has called on all Christian schools to include constitutional literacy in their curriculum for character formation of citizens.

KCBC highlighted the need to start imparting constitutional literacy in all schools in Kerala, which will help the future generation to uphold the true democratic principles of the country.Talking to reporters, Soosa Pakiam demanded the state government end the impasse regarding teaching appointments.

“The constant need to approach the Judiciary to get decisive verdicts in this matter should be avoided,” he said.

More Archbishop’s of different states have joined the chorus and stated that there is a “turbulent political atmosphere’ in India, the Archbishop of Goa and Daman has written a letter to his parishioners about ‘threat to Indian Constitution’.

In his letter, Archbishop of Goa and Daman Father Filipe Neri Ferrao has said that Constitution was in danger and many people are living in an atmosphere of insecurity.
“Our Constitution is in danger, it’s a reason why most of people live in insecurity. Having this concern in mind, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India has recently declared in its Plenary Assembly that the Church in India should diligently promote and stand by values like secularism, freedom of speech and freedom to practice one’s religion enshrined in Indian Constitution,” it read.

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