Need to identify nations sponsoring terrorism, says Bipin Rawat

Bipin Rawat

New Delhi, Jan 17 : Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Wednesday said said to counter terrorism, the first action that needs to be taken is to identify nations which have a state’s sponsored policy of backing terrorism.

Addressing at the Raisina Dialogue, 2018, General Rawat asserted it was important to have checks on the internet and social media to fight terrorism.

In a democratic country people won’t like it but have to take a call on whether we want a safe and secure environment or are willing to accept curbs temporarily so terrorism can be dealt with,” he stated, news agency ANI quoted.

Rawat said,”Terror is not new to the International community but the contour of terrorism is now witnessing a change. The first thing is to identify and define the terrorist. Who exactly is a terrorist? The fact remains that anybody who uses violence as a means to cause disruption to the civilian life and property, within his own nation or outside the boundaries of their own nation, should ideally be called a terrorist.”

He further added, any nation which supports terrorism to clinch its means to an end needs to be tackled with first.

“Unless we do that and the global community does not combine together, terrorism is here to stay. The terrorists are using systems which are high technology enabled. They are transcending international borders and the violence being generated by a terrorist is indeed becoming a concern for the entire international community,” General Rawat asserted.

He also informed that the threat of nuclear and chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists can be a disaster for humanity.


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