Need new ‘freedom struggle’ against Modi government: Congress

Congress warda

Wardha (Maharashtra), Oct 2 : The Congress on Tuesday called for a “new freedom struggle” to combat the Modi governments politics of threat and intimidation as well as politics of polarization and divisiveness.

The Congress Working Committee (CWC), on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, adopted a resolution accusing the RSS and BJP of hypocrisy of appropriating the Mahatma’s legacy for electoral opportunities.

“Today, a new freedom struggle is the urgent need of the hour – a massive movement to combat the forces of divisiveness and prejudice, to confront the Modi government whose politics is the politics of threat and intimidation, the politics of polarization and divisiveness, the politics of crushing debate and dissent, the politics of imposing an artificial uniformity in a nation of extraordinary diversity, the politics of hate and vendetta, the politics of subverting all Constitutional values, principles and practices, the politics of lies, deceit, fraud and subterfuge,” it said in the resolution.

Accusing the RSS of “blatant hypocrisy”, it said the Sangh that vilified and rejected Mahatma Gandhi during his lifetime but was today brazenly proclaiming itself to be his champion.

“It is its (RSS) ideology that was responsible for spreading the atmosphere of hate that led to the Mahatma’s tragic assassination,” the Congress said.

Asserting that only the Congress was deeply committed to the principles of justice,
liberty, equality and fraternity, the CWC resolved to propagate the fundamental message across the nation.


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