Need 20 Minutes With PM Modi For Debate On Rafale, says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Jan 2 : Challenging Modi for a One-On-One Debate On Rafale, Congress President Rahul Gandhi categorically said that in Rafale deal all the questions are being asked by Modi but during his interview yesterday PM Narendra Modi said the allegation is not against me personally. What world is the PM living in?

The intense debate over Rafale deal has been going on in the Parliament but Rahul Gandhi made it a point to reveal the entire details of the Rafale scam in the Press conference as in the Parliament the Congress President was not allowed to play the recorded tape of the Former Defence Minister manohar Parrikar about Modi’s role in Rafale scam.

Rahul Gandhi said “The tape is authentic in which the entire cabinet heard what Mr Manohar Parrikar said, essentially what Mr Parrikar is doing is threatening and blackmailing the Prime Minister of India because he (Parrikar) has the entire information of the Rafale deal.

“I asked the Lok Sabha Speaker can I play the tape, Speaker refused to allow me to play it, so there was no question of authenticity of the tape there. Congress has already played it. Also, there might be other tapes as well,” Gandhi stated.

Gandhi posed Rafale questions to PM Modi

Q1: Why did the price went up from Rs 526 crore to Rs1,600 crore.

Q2: Who’s decision was it to raise the price Modi or Indian Air Force decision?

Q3: Anil Ambani never made aircraft in his life, HAL has been manufacturing it for the last so many years who’s decision was to sideline HAL and give the offset deal to Anil Ambani?

Why wasn’t HAL given the contract? India’s manufacturing capability would have improved. Was former French President Francois Hollande lying: Rahul

Q4: As per Make in India the aircraft which was to be manufactured in India, will now be made in France.

Q5: Hollande said Modi himself told him that HAL is to be sidelined and the contract should be given to Anil Ambani.

Rahul played one clip of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley‘s speech in Parliament in which he himself reveals about the price of single Rafale fighter jet.

“They keep asking where does Congress get the 1600 cr per aircraft figure, let me tell you from where. Jaitley ji in his speech in Parliament had said the deal is 58000 cr, so divide this by 36, what figure do you get? 1600 crore,” Gandhi said.

Rahul said that whenever PM Modi happens to give his next speech he must ensure to answer Rafale questions with credibility.

The cost was changed from Rs 526 crore to Rs 1,600 crore. “Why was the cost inflated? Did the Air Force object to it? Defence minister said publicly he has no idea about new deal. And in cabinet meet, he says he has all files,” Rahul said.

“In the tape, Parrikar is threatening the PM of India Narendra Modi because he has the information of the Rafale deal.Goa minister has told in a cabinet meeting that Chief MinisterParrikar has the entire information about Rafale deal and he blackmailed modi and threatened him,” Gandhi said.

Tax payers money has been given to the rich people to repay their debts.

Neither the defence minister nor the Prime Minister Modi, who is the decision maker, is answering the questions but finance minister Arun Jaitley is defending the actions of Modi.

The nation understands how Modi ran to his home during the important debate in Parliament.

The Congress raised the Rafale issue in Lok Sabha and the discussion took place under Rule 193 that does not entail voting.

“Supreme Court judgment is clear. They said it is not their jurisdiction. They did not say there should not be any investigation or JPC probe,” Rahul said

By Arti Bali

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