NDMC seals eateries in Delhi’s Khan Market

NDMC seals Eateries in Khan Market
NDMC seals Eateries in Khan Market

After an order by a monitoring committee appointed by Supreme Court of India, NDMC may seal 30 restaurants and commercial establishments in Delhi’s upscale Khan Market. The order reportedly comes after the authorities noticed the violation of provisions of the 2021 master plan.

According to the provisions of 2021 master plan, the property used for mixed purposes is bound to pay one-time conversion charge rate notified by the government, for the same use.

A number of establishments in the Khan Market area operate on the floors above the ground floor, often with a shopping establishment on one floor, and an eatery or other restaurants on the first and second floors.

According to report published in Hindustan Times as per the rule traders engaged in commercial activities on the floor above the ground have to pay Use Conversion Charges which were slashed from Rs. 89,000 to Rs 22,274 per square meter in December 2017.

A member of the committee informed the Times of India that the monitoring committee had given all 106 local shopping complexes in Delhi till 15 January 2018 to pay the charges, raising a question about the sealing order coming a week ahead of the deadline given by the Monitoring Committee.

Meanwhile, the traders association has claimed that the charges submitted by them have not been used by the authority for development purposes.

(With Inputs From Media reports)

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