NCRB: Women most unsafe in Madhya Pradesh and Delhi


Indian women by far have been reeling over their own fate as crime against women stays alarmingly high in all the major states and national capital. Madhya Pradesh, the so-called heart of India, reports the maximum number of rape cases among all the states while Delhi reports maximum rape cases among the territories. Madhya Pradesh reported 4,391 rape cases while the national capital reported 2,199 such cases.

Reported Rape Cases


State/Territory Rape Cases Reported
MP 4,391
Maharashtra 4,144
Rajasthan 3,644
Uttar Pradesh 3,025
Orissa 2,251
Assam 1,733
Chhattisgarh 1,560
Kerela 1,256
West Bengal 1129
Haryana 1070
Bihar 1041
Chandigarh 72
Andaman and Nicobar Island 36
Dadar and Nagar Haveli 8
Daman and Diu 5
Pondicherry 3


*Reported rapes cases, Illustration based on NCRB Data, by WFN

Although as per the NCRB, the overall crime rate against women has dipped in the country in 2015, situation is grave in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. These are top 5 states to report maximum number of crime cases against women in 2015.

Overall Crime against women

State Crime against women reported
UP 35527
WB 33218
Maharashtra 31126
Rajasthan 28165
MP 24135


*crime against women, Illustration based on NCRB Data, by WFN

To understand the condition of women in these major states, you can compare the stats with states from the East such as Sikkim and Nagaland where annual crime reports against women are less than a single day case reported in UP, W.Bengal, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and MP in the same category.

As per NCRB stats, 97 cases of crime against women are recorded in UP each day while sikkim had only 53 cases, Nagaland had 90, Mizoram had 158, Manipur had 266 and Meghalaya 334 in the whole year!

Despite a slight decrease in national crime against women by 3.1 per cent in overall cases of 2015, Delhi tops the chart and remains the most unsafe city. Crime against women in Delhi remains above national average. Maharashtra leads Delhi in recording 1399 cases of stalking as against 1124 in the latter.

73,00,000- is the number of police reports recorded in the year 2015 as per National Crime Records Bureau data released by Home Ministry on Tuesday. It is just 3.4% over the one recorded in 2014. However a welcoming 5 % fall is recorded in national average for serious crime as compared to 2014.


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