Navi Mumbai: IED found near a school in Kalamboli

IED Blast
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A school in Mumbai had a major scare on Monday after a watchman spotted the suspected Improvised Explosive Device (IED) near a school in Kalamboli in neighbouring Navi Mumbai.

Police were alerted and a team of Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) of Navi Mumbai Police and a dog squad found a concrete block with four electric wirings connected with a 12-volt battery and analog watch in a box, he said, adding that a can containing five litre petrol was also found near the device.

Efforts are still on to defuse the suspected explosive and a BDDS team of the Mumbai Police was also called in to join the operation. The official said the BDDS team has disassociated the battery and wirings and have penetrated the block up to three inches, where they found cement only. He said police will drill the block up to six inches with a specialised equipment.

“As of now we cannot confirm whether the concrete block has an explosive inside or not, but it looks like an IED,” said Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Kumar.

Police are also analysing CCTVs installed in the school premises as well as nearby areas to identify person who might have planted the IED there.

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