Nation’s Chowkidar sleeping while people are facing hardships: Kapil Sibal

kapil sibal
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New Delhi, November 25, 2016: Addressing a press conference today at the AICC headquarters, senior congress leader, Kapil Sibal slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for paying no heed to the hardship faced by the people due to the government’s demonetization move. He asked, “How is the nations ‘chowkidar’ sleeping while the people are facing such hardships?”

He also said that Modi is yet to comprehend the true of meaning of the Constitution. He said, “When Modi ji first entered Parliament he made a show of bowing his head and calling it a temple. Today the situation is the PM will inaugurate a book on the Constitution, yet not give the Constitution the dignity it deserves. The PM doesn’t care about the true meaning of the Constitution and the etiquette of Parliament.

He also slammed the Prime Minister for targeting the Opposition and said, “Till 17th November, 47 people died because of this move and the ‘chowkidar’ slept well. And then he says that it is the Opposition which is against the nation”…“Does the PM think that all the leaders in the Opposition are Black Money hoarders?

Commenting on the remarks made by the Prime Minister that those accusing the government of not being prepared for demonetisation are actually pained because they didn’t get time to make their preparations; Sibal said it’s the BJP which had a lot of time on their hands and had all the information. He pointed out they deposited cash and purchased land just before the government announced the demonetization move. “BJP had a lot of time. They had all the information. They deposited cash. They purchased land.” he said.

He also questioned the statements made by the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister that the situation due to demonetisation will normalize in a few days. He pointed out that while the Prime Minister at first said that the situation will improve in a few days, he subsequently expanded it to 50 days. He said the same is true for the Finance Minister. Quoting RBI data, he said that currency notes needed to be printed to stablilize the situation will at least take 6 months.

Taking a dig at the PM, he said, “Once Modi finishes his executive MBA from IIM (Ahmedabad ) such problem won’t occur”.

Sibal also questioned the Prime Minister for shying away from Parliament and also his silence in Rajya Sabha yesterday. He said, “In Rajya Sabha, he is silent. When he comes to the House he will be asked questions. If asked questions he’d be expected to answer them”.

Sibal concluded the press conference by saying that the Opposition has lost faith in the Prime Minister. He remarked, “Which promise has he fulfilled? Why should we believe him? We have no faith in this Prime Minister. He isn’t worthy of trust”.

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