National Technology Day: PM Modi hails Vajpayee’s courage on Test

National Technology Day

New Delhi, May 11: On the National Technology, Day Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the courage shown by then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for conducting the Pokhran Nuclear Tests of 1998 through website.

Modi tweeted, “Greetings to everyone, especially our industrious scientists and those passionate about technology, on National Technology Day.”

“We remain grateful to our scientists & the then political leadership for the courage shown in Pokhran in 1998,” he added.

Since 1999, May 11 has been celebrated as the National Technology Day to mark India’s scientific prowess and technological advancements.

“The world is well aware of the Pokhran tests. Under Atal ji’s leadership, successful tests were carried out and the entire world was witness to India’s might. The scientists made the nation proud,” he said.

“After the first series of tests, the world community placed sanctions on India. On 13th May 1998, Atal ji again called for tests, thus showing that he was made of a different mettle. If we had had a weak PM, he or she would have got scared on the same day. But Atal ji was different. He did not get scared,” he added.

Modi also thanked people of Pokhran for maintaining silence during the tests were planned and conducted.

“People of Pokhran must be lauded for maintaining silence during entire duration when the tests were planned and conducted. They placed the interest of the nation above everything else,” he said.

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