Nation seeks befitting reply from Modi, post Uri attack

By Priyanka Gupta

Six days following the worst terrorism impasse on Indian Army when the nation lost its 18 soldiers for “intelligence failure” and “security lapse”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ready to face off the public on the Calicut beach in Kerala Today.

The nation is clamoring for the “befitting reply” but New Delhi has already refuted a necessity to pose “knee jerk reaction” and assured “a strategic plan to isolate Pakistan globally.”

The Prime Minister who tweeted that “those behind this despicable attack will not go unpunished” is yet to announce a definitive step to hail the aforesaid vow and dare the enemy.


Reiterating Modi’s promise to punish the perpetrators, BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said yesterday “Action will be taken, you wait and see,” and PM will answer all questions.

But do we really care about terrorism? Is Prime Minister willing to answer the core questions pertaining terrorism in his first public speech today?

Questions Modi should address in his speech:

  1. Why we have a casual approach towards terrorism?

Quoting India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval what he said in 2014 at a HT Conclave,

“I very strongly feel that the threat posed by the ISI or some of the radicals can bleed this country …But still we are a nation because we are essentially a civilizational state. And this civilizational state has got tremendous capacity, tremendous resilience, to take on the losses. No other country will probably find that so many policemen have died in encounters against terrorism and it really doesn’t matter.

The society takes it in the spirit. This capacity is a very, very high capacity. So they can bleed us, they can create some human tragedies… but if any country feels that India as a state will get degraded because of terrorism… it is not that fragile a state. Its inherent strength lies beyond the physical… that the newspaper items…”

the policy to tackle terrorism for martyrdom of our soldiers is placidly cold.

After Pathankot airbase attack, Uri attack happened. The government of India has failed to dare the enemy. We have lost 64 army personals in this year’s combat operations in Jammu and Kashmir till September 18. The toll is the highest number since 2010.

The attempts to infiltrate LoC have increased and about 31 terrorists are killed along the line of control in 17 infiltration attempts ceased by the army this year. In 2 years 10 attacks on security forces, again the highest ever, proves that neither Pakistan nor the terrorists are scared of “56-inch chest” of Modi.

Isn’t a time we cease these “rhetoric retract” and send across a cemented reply.

After spending 80 % of his UNGC speech to highlight human rights violation by India in Kashmir, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz sharif has nailed another stroke to New Delhi. He has blamed India and “Kashmir Unrest” for “Uri attack.” He challenged New Delhi to prove Islamabad’s sponsorship for terrorism in their hinterland.

PM Modi needs to spearhead his political willingness for national security. Blame it on PDP-BJP alliance in J&K or government’s double whammy to deal with Pakistan, India as a nation has failed to touch the key concerns of Kashmiris and security personals.

The BJP had explicitly blamed PM Manmohan Singh and UPA government for projecting India as a “soft nation” and sharing “love letters” with Pakistan. But in 2016 India is wrenched by rising threat across the LoC. Currently Kashmir is under the military scan and, BSFs have been continuously finding it hard to tackle the stone pelting mobs from 78 days.

When would we shun the double standards adopted to tackle Pakistan? Why no official step has been taken yet to address the problem?

At one place India sought global attention to isolate Pakistan at UNGA, and MEA even announced a clear winner for snubbing of Sharif’s UN address by all of the countries.

The ground reality is India is yet to take any official step to denounce Pak as a terror state. The US assembly has initiated a bill to announce Pak as a terror state, but India has not yet announced any such parliamentary step despite the history of Pak induced debacles from 70 long years.

Do we ever learn any lessons?
PM Modi welcomed bilateral talks with Pak and formed NIA to identify the Pathankot conspirators and terrorists. Indian PM greeted his Paki counterpart at every official meet and even visited the neighbor for attending a wedding as a friendly gesture.

Post Pathankot too, huge cries and swears were made to punish the culprits, however all said and done, nothing changed, as five months later Uri happened.

India allowed a team of officials from Pakistan to visit and Indian officials are yet to do so to find the whereabouts of the investigation. The intelligence efforts to nail the terrorists go in vain and Pakistani Prime Minister is waging a war of rhetoric against India and its alleged human right violation activities.

Why we are scared to take steps?

We should officially shut off business and trade relations with Pakistan if we really want to.

India should revoke the Most Favored Nation (MFN) title granted to Pakistan under WTO. India offers trade advantages such as low tariffs and high import quotas to Pakistan where as, the neighbour has never considered the same for us ever.

What purpose does the Samjhauta Express fulfill at the backdrop of firing at LoC and killing of our army men? If we really want to isolate, shall we not isolate them at all the frontiers.

We can shut our air route to Pakistan bound flights. This would put huge economic burden to the already ailing Pak’s economy.

The nation seeks befitting reply from the Prime Minister, rather than another set of jhomlas till the next time.

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