Nation is always empowered by its women: PM


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said a nation is always empowered by its women.

“Nation is always empowered by its women. It is she who nurtures a citizen as a mother, as a sister in his childhood, and later in the life as a wife. These empowered citizens eventually make an empowered country,” Modi said addressing the National Women Legislators Conference here.

Women representatives from both the houses of parliament, state legislative assemblies and councils are attending the two-day conference that began on Saturday.

“Multitasking is a specialty in managerial world. But our women are the best on the earth in handling numerous tasks at a time. In fact, our women have been multitasking since ages and their efforts have contributed a lot” in bringing our country at this level, the prime minister added.

“Women have higher success ratio despite the fewer opportunities they get in comparison to men. Women need to recognise themselves and their strength and feel confident about it,” Modi said, giving an example of Rwanda, the civil-war torn country, that was brought back to its feet by women.

“You will recognise your strength only when you encounter a challenge. So, our women must use the challenges they face to empower themselves,” he added.

“Women are better in adopting technologies than men. They are specially gifted by the god in this aspect,” Modi said.

The prime minister also advised the women legislatures attending the conference to increase their interaction with the colleagues from other states as this would add to their knowledge bank, helping them learn many more things.

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