Nashik: Tomato price drops to Rs.2 per kg, Vendors worried

Nashik, Sept 1: The price of Tomatoes has fallen to Rs.2 per kg in the wholesale market of Maharashtra’s Nashik on Saturday.

With sharp steep in the price of tomatoes, Vegetable Vendors are concerned about their business.

One of the vendors told media ” that he had spent Rs. 80,000 on 1 acre of land for tomato produce and got no return.

“There’s no market for tomatoes”, he added.

Large quantities of tomatoes dumped on roads.

According to the reports, the price of tomatoes has plunged from Rs 100 per kg a month ago to Rs 2 per kg as of August 30.

Meanwhile, a kilo of tomato at the Narayangaon wholesale market of Maharashtra reportedly costs Rs 2 per kg and in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, it costs Rs 1.60 per kg.


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