Naseeruddin Shah said what he felt like, Doesn’t mean it’s truth: Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher

Mumbai, Dec 22: Reacting to Actor Naseeruddin Shah’s remark Anupam Kher on Saturday stated “He said what he felt like, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth”. 

“There’s so much freedom in the country that you can abuse the army, badmouth the air chief and pelt stones at the soldiers. How much more freedom do you need in a country?”, Kher told ANI.

Shah, expressing his displeasure over the rise of mob violence, had said “poison” has spread in the Indian society where at some places, the death of a cow is given more significance than of a police officer, an indirect reference to the recent Bulandshahr violence where a police officer was killed allegedly by cow vigilantes.

“The poison has spread. It will be very difficult to capture this djinn back into the bottle again. There is complete impunity for those who take law into their hands. In many areas we are witnessing that the death of a cow is given more significance than that of a police officer,” said the veteran actor.


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