Modi is corruption, hope BJP learnt lessons from Karnataka: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, May 19: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that all the anti-corruption talk by PM is a blatant lie, he himself is a corruption.

Addressing a press conference after BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa stepped down as Chief Minister of Karnataka, Gandhi said “You’ve seen openly how the PM directly authorized purchasing of MLAs in Karnataka, so the idea that PM spreads in the country that he is fighting corruption, is a blatant lie, he is corruption”.

“This shows that all the anti-corruption talk by Prime Minister Modi is a blatant lie. This shows that he is corruption”, the Congress leader stated.

“The BJP disrespected the mandate of the people of Karnataka, Goa Manipur and it tried to subvert democracy in Karnataka. That’s what we fought against”.

The Congress President further added “Did you notice that after the entire exercise in Karnataka Vidhan Sabha, the BJP legislators and speaker chose to leave the house before the national anthem? It shows they can disrespect any institution if in power, both BJP & RSS have disrespected institutions”.

Hailing unity of the opposition, Gandhi said: ” I am proud that opposition stood together and defeated the saffron party and we will continue to do so”.

His reaction came minutes after BS Yeddyurappa resigned as the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Yeddyurappa in his speech said “the BJP didn’t get the numbers needed to prove majority in the House”.

The resignation comes two days after he took oath as the 23rd Chief Minister of the southern state.


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