Must have wine accessories for your inhouse spirits corner

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New Delhi, Nov 28: It is the season of festivals and celebrations and what better way to do it than opening a bottle of your favourite wine. To get the best out of your wine, there are a few things that you should have in your bar to have an altogether different experience.

Dipesh Sinha, Mixologist and Wine Enthusiast, Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai, and Sweta Mohanty, Wine and Spirits Trainer, Aspri Spirits, list some accessories that can help you serve your guests in style in your next cocktail party.

* Wine opener: A sturdy and solid wine opener to open your favourite Old World Wine is a must-have. Everyone prefers and trusts the good old butterfly opener.

* Wine glass – A perfect glass is what makes all the difference to how your wine will taste. An excellent French vino might end up tasting horrible if poured and served in a beer glass.

* Ice bucket – Invest in some simple inexpensive Ice Buckets. They are the crux to your wine tasting brilliant and it would be so when the wine is chilled to the perfect temperature. An ideal temperature to chill your wines is- Sparkling Wine: 6-8?; White Wine / Rose: 8-12?; Red Wine: 14-18?; Sweet Wine: 6-8?

Also, make sure you store your wines very carefully in a cool dark place where there is no direct sunlight. Wines with Cork should always be placed horizontally so that the cork is in constant contact with the wine and does not dry up.

* Corkscrew: Buying a good corkscrew is same as buying a good bottle of wine. “More Expensive , the better” rule does not apply here. Corkscrew is the most basic requirement without which the classic wine bottles will only eat dust sitting in the bar. The range of corkscrew or Angel’s Wings starts from very basic ( 2 parts opener ) to very elegant and adorable (4 parts opener ). Ultimately what matters is class and ease of uncorking a wine bottle.

* Wine carafe: Some wines taste better when it breathes. You can then enjoy the wine at its best. Choose a carafe which not only aerates the wine but looks fantastic on table.

* Mulled wine glass: Though I am not a huge fan of mulled wine, I however prefer to stack a set of nice and designer Mulled Wine Glasses for my guests.

* Wine bottle holder: A bottle holder not only adds beauty to the entire collection but also ensures your wine bottles are stored at a perfect angle to keep the cork hydrated and prevent wine from oxidation. Look for a holder which holds the bottle between 50 degrees to 60 degrees

* Wine chillers: Wines are best enjoyed when served at perfect temperature. Hence keeping a wine chiller handy helps.

* Wine stopper: Once opened, finish the bottle should always be the mantra. However, if there is wine left in the bottle, having a good wine stopper helps. You can put the stopper to the bottle and keep it in the refrigerator for a day without it going bad. Post that though it becomes vinegar ….. Use it in cooking.

* Decanter: Aged wines should always be left open to breathe. And the decanter does just that. Open the bottle and decant it in a nice decanter and leave it for an hour or two to aerate.


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