Muslims to favour Mayawati, BJP’s clean image under shadow


The sixth and seventh phase of 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections is very crucial because the Muslims seem to have decided to consolidate their votes in favour of BSP chief Mayawati. The recent arrests of BJP’s functionaries in sex racket (Madhya Pradesh) and child trafficking case in West Bengal dents BJP’s clean image as claimed by Modi. Modi cited demonetisation an effective tool to curb illegal and corrupt money but his own party men were caught in serious offences where illegal money is involved due to girls trafficking and sex scandals.

The last two phases of polls become all the more significant as the voters will decide the fate of candidates in 89 constituencies that include  Padrauna, Mubarakpur, Mau etc in 6th phase, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Jaunpur, Sonbhadra (Purvanchal). Muslims are aware that Samajwadi party is divided between two camps  and BSP is the only party who has the courage and determination to safeguard their interests  and Muslims have made up their mind to play an important role in these crucial elections as UP did not send a single Muslim MP to the LOk Sabha in  2014  polls due to division of Muslim votes in view of BJP’s empty promises of providing jobs and development.

Modi indulges in giving wrong versions of Rahul Gandhi speeches and then making him the butt of a ridicule in a most unbefitting manner. His shallow style far from being a rhetoric becomes an exhibition of his utter lack of qualities required for the Prime Minister’s job. In every election, Modi tries to publicize his humble origin as a tea vendor but the truth is that he was from a middle-class family and running a canteen at the Inter-State Bus Terminal in Ahmedabad on contract.

Modi is continuously criticizing Congress vice President Rahul Gandhi’s speeches during rallies but fails to answer on the alleged sex racket busted in Madhya Pradesh where four persons were arrested out of whom one used to operate ‘Narendra Modi Army brigade’. Moreover, the prime accused in West Bengal child trafficking  case, Chandana Chakraborty named senior BJP leaders along with state Mahila Morcha general secretary Juhi Chowdhury were found associated with the racket.

Mayawati’s election speeches are full of substance and she refrains from resorting to Jumlabaazi as practised by Modi to attract audience in rallies. Mayawati is emerging as a national leader  when poor Indians are reeling under high inflation amid economic disaster unleashed by authoritarian implementation of demonitisation by Modi himself and  rising social tensions among sizable minority communities.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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