Muslim woman translating Ram Charit Manas in Urdu

muslim women

Varanasi, Jan 14 : A Muslim woman in Varanasi is working overtime to translate the Ram Charit Manas written by Tulsidas into Urdu.

The woman, Nazneen, has already translated five of the seven ‘kands’ (chapters) of the epic. She has translated ‘Baal Kand’, ‘Ayodhya Kand’, ‘Aranya Kand’, ‘Kishkindha Kand’ and ‘Sunder Kand’. The ‘Yuddha Kand’ and ‘Uttar Kand’ remain to be translated, she said.

“I have already translated Hanuman Chalisa, Durga Chalisa and Sai Chalisa in Urdu. I am doing these translations because I want Muslims to know more about Hindu mythology and culture. I feel my community should know about Lord Ram. This will bring Hindus and Muslims closer,” said Nazneen.

A member of the Muslim Mahila Foundation, Nazneen works for the empowerment of Muslim women.

She finds inspiration from Emperor Akbar who had set up a department for translation of scriptures form one language to another.

Nazneen, daughter of a weaver from Lallapur in Varanasi, says her work will also send a message to those politicians who are warring over issues such as the new citizenship law.

“I want people to learn about sacrifice and co-existence from Ram, Sita and Laxman and stop fighting over such issues,” she said.

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