Muslim man offers namaz inside gurdwara, video goes viral

Namaz in Gurudwra

A Muslim guy spotted doing Namaz in Gurdwara Sahib because he couldn’t find a mosque and dropped by at Gurdwara Sahib to complete his Namaz.

 The video was shared on Twitter with the tag line ‘god is one’.

Good thing Nobody including Gurudwara Sahib committee member stopped him.

The person was unable to find a mosque and drop by Gurdwara to complete his Namaz (sic),” Sikh Inside wrote on their Facebook.


This has been winning thousands of hearts online.

Although, many people were triggered by the praying man’s actions, the video mostly received love and support, showing the world that religious harmony exists.

In the video that was recorded by a local at the Gurdwara Sahib Bercham in Ipoh, the Muslim man was seen completing his prayers for two minutes and then leaving.

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