Musk The Iron Man and CEO of Tesla Motors Crushed VC



Earlier today, Venture Capitalist Stewart Alsop  of Bay Area posted fairly unexpected to Medium.

Alsop wrote a letter to CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk and titled “Banned by Tesla”, Alsop wrote of his early late surprise that Tesla would cancel the Model X he’d order and Alsop has been eagerly awaiting for it. (Alsop mentioned in the post that it was to be red but with black leather seats and Tesla’s Ludicrous Speed option.)

It was not a clerical or an accounting error. Alsop says that after complaining — on Medium — about what he viewed as the Model X’s poorly orchestrated launch of the event back in September (Alsop thrashed back musk with the title, “@ElonMusk, You should be ashamed of yourself”), later on Musk personally got involved in his order.

Being specific, Alsop said, he canceled the order.

Some of our sources reached out to both Alsop and Musk earlier to find out more about the incident, which was unprecedented, but yet have to hear back from them.

What we know, from Alsop’s post is that both talked over the phone at some point, over the point Musk told Alsop that he was not comfortable with him owning a Tesla after having been thrashed by Stewart Alsop publicly.

Real facts, says Alsop, Musk has decided that Alsop “can’t own” one of his cars. (We don’t know that if Alsop is facing a lifetime ban or he’s aggrandise based on the cancelation of the car that he had ordered.)

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