Murder whoever argues with you,I will handle the rest: Purvanchal University VC advices students

Lucknow, Dec 30 : Purvanchal University vice-chancellor Raja Ram Yadav on Saturday made a shocking exhortation, telling students to beat or even murder their opponents while Uttar Pradesh Minister objected to VC’s remark, saying he is teaching ‘gunda raj’.

While addressing a seminar in the Uttar Pradesh’s Ghazipur university, Yadav said: “Yuwa chhatra wahi hota hai, jo chattano me pair marta hai to pani nikalta hai. Chhatra jo apne jeevan me sanklap leta hai aur use pura karta hai, usi ko Purvanchal university ka chhatra kahte hai. (Youth student is the one who brings out water just by kicking a rock. The student who fulfils the resolution he takes in his life, is known as a student of Purvanchal University).”

Yadav added: “If you’re a student of Purvanchal University, never come crying to me. If you ever get into a fight, beat them, if possible murder them, we’ll take care of it later.”

More shocking was the fact that when Yadav finished his sentence, some people could be heard as saying “waah, waah (bravado! bravado!)”.

Objecting to vice-chancellor’s remarks,UP Minister Sidharth Nath Singh said, “It was wrong, he can’t make said such comments. He should teach students the way of peace but he’s doing ‘gunda raj’, VC of such mentality has no right to stay in his position. I hope Deputy CM will take appropriate action.”

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