Mumbai-Dehradun Jet flight diverted to Chandigarh, Investigation underway

Jet Airways

A Mumbai-Dehradun Jet Airways flight was diverted to Chandigarh on Saturday morning due to “technical reason”. Incident is under investigation and has been reported to the authorities.

“Jet Airways flight 9W 703 from Mumbai to Dehradun was diverted to Chandigarh and has landed safely. The diversion was necessitated due to a technical reason and as per the procedure,” the spokesperson said.

The airline spokesperson said the incident is under investigation and has been reported to authorities. An alternate aircraft was arranged for guests with a revised departure time for their destination.

“Our team of engineers are travelling to Chandigarh for inspection and rectification of the aircraft.” The plane, which had departed Mumbai at 6.10 am, was few minutes away from its destination when it was diverted.

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