MS Dhoni, Sakshi Dhoni’s Rhiti Group denies allegations

dhoni and sakshi

New Delhi, July 25 After the Supreme Court observed that Amrapali home buyers’ money has been diverted illegally and wrongly to former India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Dhoni’s company, Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd, the company on Wednesday issued a statement saying it was not involved in any wrong-doing.

In a late night statement, the Rhiti Group said that the aspects mentioned in the forensic report were “devoid of proper information or relevant documents”.

The bench has noted that the Amrapali Group of Companies paid Rs 42.22 crore to Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd between 2009 and 2015. Of this, Rs 6.52 crore was paid by Amrapali Sapphire Developers Pvt Ltd.

“The company has been in possession of all information and relevant documents that can establish the clean image and prove that the points made in the report are baseless. However, since the report has been furnished by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the company wishes to clarify on these issues that shed negative light on it,” the statement said.

Contending that it has been an endorsement agency for world class talent and was retained by Amrapali Group “due to its fair and transparent business dealings”, the company said that the “question of siphoning funds does not arise because Rhiti provided all professional services as per the agreements and the then pre-agreed endorsement fee received from Amrapali was paid to relevant endorsers”.

It noted that it also had claims of approximately Rs 40 crore against Amrapali group and for recovering this sum, it had moved both the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court and that these “proceedings were instituted before the forensic auditors were even appointed by the Supreme Court”.

Rhiti Group also said that it had cooperated during the forensic audit and furnished all required information and documents.

“Neither the transactions nor the company is ‘sham’ and hence the aspects mentioned are baseless and without real facts. We are currently seeking legal advice and in process of perusing the final judgment,” it said.

The sum was paid on account of agreements executed by Anil Kumar Sharma, CMD of Amrapali Group of Companies, with Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd.

However, the court noted that there was no resolution on record authorizing Sharma to enter into an agreement on behalf of all of Amrapali group of Companies.

According to the Agreement for sponsorship dated March 20, 2015, Amrapali Group of Companies got the right to advertise as Logo Space at various places in the IPL 2015 for Chennai Super Kings.

“It is observed that this agreement is on plain paper and executed only between Amrapali and Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd and there are no signatories on behalf of Chennai Super Kings to this agreement,” the court noted.

No resolution in favour of Arun Pandey, Signatory of Rhiti Sports, is attached with the agreement.

“This clearly shows that these agreements have just been made for payment of amounts to Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd Co are sham agreements and made just for making payments to Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd,” the court said.

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