MPs demand for an automatic upgrade of their seats to business class in filghts

A Parliamentary committee on consumer affairs has demanded airlines to upgrade MPs to business class on vacant seats.

According to a report published in Hindustan Times the chairman of standing committee on food, consumer affairs and public distribution, JC Divakar Reddy has asked the civil aviation secretary to issue a circular stating an automatic upgrade of MPs seats to Business class if the seats remain vacant in all domestic airlines.

“Why don’t you send a circular saying that, on identification, if there is a seat vacant in the business class, MPs should be provided with a seat?” Reddy told civil aviation secretary at the meeting. Another member, Samajwadi Party’s Ravi Prakash Verma, suggested that the civil aviation ministry should issue an order and send a copy to the panel.

Meanwhile countering this demand of MPs, CPI(M)’s Lok Sabha MP Md Salim said, “A Parliament panel should work steadfastly for the service of the people, and not self-service for MPs.”

As per the current rule an MP is entitled to 34 free air journeys in a year, can be accompanied by a companion, and can travel business class. If a member doesn’t utilise all 34 tickets, the remaining ones are carried over to the next year.

WithInputs From Hindustan Times

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