MP minister wants farmers to seek solutions of their problems from lord Krishna

While attending a seminar on ‘nutrition sensitive agriculture’  the Madhya pradesh minister Archana chitnis of women and child development ministry  said that “farmers should consume the food they produce and sell only what’s left.

The seminar was  jointly organised by her ministry(women and child development) and Deen Dayal Upadhyay in coordination with ministry of culture.

While proving her point with reference to hindu mythology the minister stated “Lord Krishna fought with kansa because he objected Kansa’s demand that all milk should go to Mathura . Lord Krishna told the residents of Braj  to consume all milk they want and send what remains.

The minister did’nt stop there she even said that “God is a scientist and he knows what the pregnant women needs to eat to maintain the haemoglobin level .The women should have vitamin c through citric fruits and that’s why god has put in her the urge to eat sour things”.

This is highly disappointing that she is handling the child and women development ministry and there’s no need to surprise why  India is still having high maternal death rates.

Here the thing that should be taken into consideration is that the seminar was organised for encouraging people to fulfil their nutritional need by consuming local produce on which the minister made an illogical and unscientific statement, she said If forest were devoid nutrition how did Lord Ram and his wife remain healthy for years during their exile.

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