Mount Sinabung erupts in western Indonesia, no casualties reported

Indonesia Volcano

Jakarta, June 9 For a third time in a week, Mount Sinabung volcano, located in Karo regency, North Sumatra Island of western Indonesia, spewed thick volcanic ash at 12:33 pm
and 7 km high to the sky from the crater Sunday after erupting on Saturday evening and last Tuesday.

The country’s national volcanology agency said that belching of ash and smoke was shot at 16:28 p.m. Jakarta time, followed by a spread of hot ash to the southeast and south of the crater by up to 3.5 km and 3 km respectively .

The agency, however, said there was so far no report of damages or casualty.

Mt. Sinabung volcano is at the second highest alert level with no-go zone of 5 km from the crater, it said.

Residents living near the flank of the volcano were urged to use masks when rains of ash pour down, spokesman of national disaster management agency said.

Mt. Sinabung, 2,475 meters high, is located in Karo district of North Sumatra province. In its eruption in 2014, 16 people were killed and thousands displaced.

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