Mother with 2 wombs conceives in both at same time, delivers twins

two wombs twins

New Delhi, Aug 1: In a miraculous case, a mother with 2 wombs conceived in both at the same time and delivers twins.

The doctors found that England based Jennifer Ashwood had two wombs – and had become simultaneously pregnant in both.

The odds of the phenomenon are 500million to one, with fewer than a hundred examples ever recorded worldwide, and just a handful in Britain.

The care worker and her husband Andrew, a fireman, learned they were expecting twins in December. Later, doctors discovered an abnormality, and they revealed in February that she had two wombs, with one baby in each; reported Deccan Chronicle.

Ashwood, from Camborne, Cornwall, went into labour at 34 weeks and gave miracle birth to twins-son Piran, 5lb 10oz, and daughter Poppy, 5lb 3oz, via caesarean.

Speaking about it, Ashwood said, “To have the two [wombs] is rare in itself, but to have an egg in both, then those to be fertilised, and then for both eggs to be in the right part … it’s a bit of a miracle. You think you know your body well, but it turns out you might not”.


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