MOS Hansraj Ahir slams Varun Gandhi for his comments on Rohingya crisis


New Delhi, 26thSeptember: After Varun Gandhi wrote his views on Rohingya Muslims contradictory to his party’s stand he has been criticised by his party members and ministers. MOS Hansraj Ahir while showing his discontent to Varun Gandhi’s view over Rohingya Muslims said,”those who are concerned about the country would not give a statement like this.”

He also said, “Rohingyas created trouble for Myanmar and worked against the government. If Myanmar has rejected them, why should we accept them?”Ahir said, adding that the government is using full force to stop the Rohingya from settling in India since they are a security threat.

Varun, in his column for Navbharat Times , has asked the government to consider granting refugee status to the Rohingyas from Myanmar. He also said that “along with international agreements India is a signatory to, we also have the rich Indian tradition of helping refugees.”

In his tweet Varun Gandhi said,” My recent piece focused primarily on defining India’s asylum policy, with clear demarcations on how we would accept refugees”.
He also tweeted “As for the Rohingyas, I’ve called for empathy, leading potentially to asylum, while vetting each applicant for national security concerns.”

Rohingya muslims are facing etnic cleansing in Myanmar which is also making them to flee to different countries including India.
India while stating that it has not signed the UN treaty regarding refugees and pointing out that Rohingya are a threat to national security has denied entry of these refugees in the country. Meanwhile this step by Indian government has been criticised by United Nations and opposition parties of the country.

However Supreme Court of India is hearing a petition in favour and against Rohingya Muslims. Home minister Rajnath singh on the behalf of the governemnt has asked the Supreme court to leave this matter to Executive.

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