More ISIS inspired attacks likely in Bangladesh


More terror attacks in Bangladesh cannot be ruled out and visitors need to show “maximum caution”, the Italian government said on Monday.

The statement came after Islamists attacked a cafe in Dhaka and killed 20 hostages, including nine Italians.

“We advise fellow citizens in Dhaka to be vigilant and to exercise maximum caution, especially in areas popular with foreigners,” Italy’s foreign ministry said in advice to travellers on its website.

“Travel, especially on foot, should be limited to essential movements. Heightened vigilance is particularly advisable during local religious festivals,” the advice continued.

Besides the nine Italians, seven Japanese, an American and an Indian citizen and two Bangladeshi hostages were slaughtered by militants during Friday’s attack on a popular bakery in Dhaka’s diplomatic area.

Six of the attackers were killed in a gunfight with the commandos while the seventh was captured alive. Two Bangladeshi policemen died during the assault, which was claimed by the Islamic State group.

Most of the attackers were reportedly from rich families and had studied in elite private schools and universities. One of the dead gunmen was the son of a ruling party politician, it has emerged.



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