Moradabad: Schoolchildren raised slogans to save water

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Water is the most precious gift to the humanity by the nature. Life on the earth is possible only because of water. Three-fourth surface of the earth is covered by the water even after people are suffering from water scarcity in many regions of the India and other countries. Difficulties faced by the people in various regions because of water scarcity teach us to conserve and save water in order to protect the water environment, save life and save world.

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Setting the example and to aware people to save water, schoolchildren in Moradabad organised a rally. They raised slogans like “Save Earth and Save Water” and “Jal hai toh Kal hai” to name a few. The children made appeal to the people not to waste water. They also used painted canvas to convey their message among the people. One of the students said saving water is the very important. She added that water is life and so everyone should save it in the best possible manner.

Save Water50-min-wefornewsSo, we all must understand the importance of clean water on the earth and try our best to not involve in the water wastage instead involve in saving it. We should save our clean water from the contamination and getting polluted from the waste materials of industries, sewage, toxic chemicals and other wastes.

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